Why Video?

Video is fast becoming one of – if not the – most relevant mediums for businesses to share information and attract new customers.  A polished, well-produced, and well-placed video gives potential customers all the information they need while building brand recognition in a manner that is easy for them to take in and even enjoy.  Historically, people have focused on the written word on websites to convey their message, but if “a picture is worth a thousand words” then we believe a video is worth an entire book.

At County Productions, we believe that each video needs to be one that not only conveys the message you want, but that the video itself is a work of art.  You want people to want to watch the video, and then watch it again.  We work with you from conception to completion to make sure that the video we create captures your unique voice, your brand, and is as aesthetically beautiful as the County we live in.

Creating Your Video

Creating the best possible video takes time and work.  You don’t want to pay money to have a video that looks rushed or doesn’t get across the message you hope to share.  We work with you to create your vision.  This means the very first step is sitting down to discuss what you have in mind and to iron out the important details, such as the main message of the video, the visual theme, and the timeframe.  From there we set all the shoot dates and locations and cast your video. Before you know it, we’ll be filming.

The next step – editing – is what brings the beauty and magic of the shoot to life.  The amount of time needed to edit will vary depending on the scope of the video, but once a first cut is done, we send you a link to watch the video and make notes about any changes needed (we can also do this in person if you’d like).  We make the changes and after that there may be some minor tweaks here and there, but your video will soon be ready to premiere.  The exact time from conception to premier will vary based on the specifics of your video and your deadlines.

Getting Your Video Seen

If you’re wondering where this big premiere will take place, don’t worry because we’ll help you sort that out too.  We will help you reach your target audience and build up your brand using the video we’ve just created with you as part of the video pricing.  And if you’re looking for even more help building your brand and expanding awareness, you can check out Other Services as we can help develop an entire social media strategy for your business that includes not only this video but a wealth of other content as well.

“Thank you SO very much for the amazing video memory for the official opening of the PEC Youth Centre! You guys were incredibly professional, intuitive and generous.”
“Brian is a creative and results oriented producer who helped us develop innovative web delivery programs. His technical knowledge along with his great people skills also gives us the confidence to have him teach for our business programs.”
“Brian’s passion and experience combined with his artistic eye fill everything he offers with value and quality.”
“Brian supported the Molson Coors Team in the production of our “roving reporter” video coverage during the Vancovuer 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter games. He was masterful in his ability to weave amateur flip video footage into professional footage for 4-5 minute daily updates. Through our social media channels we have more than 38,000 views. Much of the credit for success of this project goes to Brian who worked tirelessly (day and night) to make this such a success.”