Photo by Darko Zeljkovic

As an emerging business in the County, we wanted a way to reach out to businesses and individuals alike and thus a writing space was needed.  After tackling a dissertation and running her own parenting site, Tracy is used to writing (a lot) so some extra posts now and again isn’t a big deal (so she says).  The question we had to ask was what we could share that people might be interested in.  I mean, we are a video company so why on earth would we have a writing section?

Part of the reason is practical in that it gives us a place to keep the site up-to-date so it remains relevant in an ever-changing and expanding online world.  Part of it is to have a space to share information with you about video that might not actually translate well to video (go figure!), like why French versioning matters (an upcoming post).  Part of it is just to give us a space to share our reflections and experiences in our new County home.

We will do some video blog entries when we can because we are obviously fans of the genre (as are most people), but we want to make sure it’s more than just a talking head so we’ll save it for topics that suit it well.  In addition, we will share some of our work (when appropriate) to highlight some of the companies and charities in the County.  If you have video questions for us, please don’t hesitate to ask and we can also run Q&A posts to help educate everyone on all things video.

So welcome to all and thank you for welcoming us to the County – we are beyond thrilled to be here!